Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Sound Of Loneliness

The sound of loneliness (poem)
Kamala Budhathoki Sarup
The sound of loneliness
The sound more loneliness too
It comes from outside near by
Where stands a large people tree
People say
The people haunt the place
The night
People worship them
Beneath the trees.
But I don't believe in night
I have no believe
That Gods
Exist beneath the trees
The sound is unusual
It's not either of people or Gods
Sometimes, from inside
Sometimes, from bothsides
Weeping and lulling
At last one day
I asked the poor man
Whose sound is it?
And why?
He said a woman has just delivered a child
I am a porter,
The child is satisfied
In breast feeding
The nipples with no milk flow
The sound is indeed a reaction
Arising from the gap
Between demand and supply
The walls crack violently
Some faint shapes of mine appear
Life,I bow to you
The sound becomes sweet
As the poor man told,
The sound was a struggle
But sometimes
Even the struggle tastes sweet.
Even the Life struggle tastes sweet.
Copyright Kamala B Sarup

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